Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Night (Watching "Les Miz"!)

Sunday night and I am watching "Les Miserables" on MPT. I never tire of the music - nevAH. "on my own, pretending he's beside me"...


How did I do on the to-do list? Pretty well... Let's run through them.

1) Looked at three condos for Andy. One was too expensive and old. And two others had so little guest parking. What are the builders thinking of? And the last condo was stripped of all appliances and was filthy and had huge dents in the walls. Sheesh.

2) Unpacked the last boxes in my MIL's apartment. Did a load of laundry for her. Ordered her pads on Amazon. Brought home two boxes of stuff and sorted it all (donations, trash and keep).

3) Well, I did vacuum the floors but no mopping. :( We started a project though. We are removing the carpet runner from the stairs. It's HARD. But we are about 1/3 done and will do the rest slowly each night. It looks great. We'll have to fill in some holes and give it a good polish. It will be so much easier to clean.

4) Kitty litter is cleaned.

5) Laundry is done.

Extras! Bonus!
  • Cleaned cat fur off my rocking chair in the office and placed a towel to prevent any more shedding on it.
  • Moved lots of yarn upstairs and put my two current projects in two separate bags.
  • Washed the sheets and made the bed with clean ones.

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